refer to the title of the book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and the author’s full name (Annie Dillard)

  • You must also include a process letter, in  which you write about your writing process for the essay. Please make  this the first page of your document (and it does not count as one of  the required pages). You can find a sample process letter in the course  reader.
  • Formatting: Check the formatting requirements in the course reader before you upload your essay.
  • Canvas does NOT like Mac files– so convert your essay to a pdf or word doc before you upload.


  1. In your introduction, did you refer to the title of the book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and the author’s full name (Annie Dillard).  Make it clear that “Seeing” is a chapter from that book.
  2. In “Seeing,” the second chapter from her book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Annie Dillard writes about a variety of different meanings for what it means “to see.”
  3. Did you only use her last name for the rest of the essay (Dillard)?
  4. Did you italicize the title of the book?–> Pilgrim at Tinker Creek?
  5. Did you place quotation marks around the title of the “essay”?–> “Seeing”
  6. Since this is a deductive essay, did you begin your essay with a  formal introduction that establishes the nature of what Dillard does in  her essay—and then make sure that your introduction is introducing us to  your thesis and the analysis you will be covering in your body  paragraphs?
  7. Did you provide a thesis that makes a specific claim about how  Dillard ponders what it means to see and how those different “ways and  meanings” lead to the end of her essay where she experiences a  visionary-like moment?
  8. Do your body paragraphs connect your various analyses of the  passages you cover (and directly relate to the claim that you make in  your thesis and where you are going in your conclusion).
  9. Do the body paragraphs provide your reader the material needed to understand how you came to your conclusion.
  10. Does your conclusion tie together everything you say in your body  paragraphs and tell us, ultimately and conclusively, how Dillard’s  various explorations of seeing lead to her visionary moment at the end  of the essay?
  11. Is your conclusion specifically connected to your thesis and is your thesis specifically linked to your conclusion?
  12. Does your conclusion show how all of her discussion has led to the visionary moment when she sees “the tree with the lights in it”?
  13. Did you analyze what she does in her essay– and how she does it?   Or did you make the mistake of saying what you think she means or  claiming she says things she never says
    • Dillard explains that we can be happier if we learn to see nature more closely (Incorrect — she NEVER states that).
  14. Did you make the mistake of writing from the perspective that  Dillard is telling us what to do?  If yes, you should revise your essay  and  write from the perspective of analyzing what Dillard talks about  (and focus on how she is writing primarily about her experiences and  what she sees– and adding observations about the different meanings for  what it “means to see”).

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