Reports – Dashboard •

Reports – Dashboard •


Research Paper

Write a 5-page research paper (cover and reference page inclusive) on the topic ” The Impact of Data Mining in the Healthcare Sector.”Research Paper Requirements:1. Five pages long. The cover page and reference page included.2. Use Times New Roman font, size 12 and double-spaced.3. Include a cover page and a reference page.4. Use section headers for good readership.5. Use figures and tables if needed (not mandatory).6. Use Safe-Assign to check your research paper. A similarity score greater than 30% shows poor originality.7. Use APA for in-text citations and references (in-text citations must match reference list)8. Provide at least three scholarly references.9. AVOID PLAGIARISM 

Topics :(pick any one to solve a problem)


•Sentiment Analysis

•Data Mining/Reports – Dashboard

•Machine Learning

•Neural Networks

•Genetic Algorithm

•Robo Advisors

•Natural Language Processing

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