Question 1

Retributivism justifies punishment on the basis of desert. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach?

In retributivism punishment theory is generally justified on the source of the criminal receiving his or her just deserts; punishment which fits the crime restores a balance to principles. The advantage gained by breaking the law is thus eliminated. Some people still fill rewarded when they are taken care of but when it actually comes down to it, one year later they figure out that they still have many disadvantages from the dent itself keeps them restricted from their daily chores.

Question 2

One of the problems with a strict rules approach is that they do not tell us what to do in some situations.




Question 3

According to the author there is no place for religion in moral thinking.




Question 4

An example of a moral proposition is


“I feel sick.”

“You should not treat people badly.”

“Nothing can be both A and not A.”

“Her hair is brown.”

Question 5

A moral system needs to deal consistently with


all human beings exclusively.

particular human beings exclusively.

the universal and the particular together.

none of the above.

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