School Districts Emergency Management

School Districts Emergency Management

Emergency Management for School Leaders


For this assignment, imagine that you are on your school districts Emergency Management committee. You have been asked to research emergency management for K-12 systems as well as examine federal, state, and local emergency management requirements/systems and submit your findings to the committee. The chair of the committee has asked you to write a 3 to 4 page (not including cover or reference page) proposal describing the different systems you found and the impact they had or will have on the school systems as well as what would be your recommendations to make your school district, students, teachers, and staff safer.

 The essay should:

  1. Describe the different Emergency Management systems.
  2. Summarize local, state and federal emergency management requirements.
  3. Address the impact different systems had or will have on the school system.
  4. Discuss your recommendations of K-12 Emergency Management to the committee.

Use APA Style for formatting, citations, and references.

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