Social Enterpriseassignment Overviewthe Focus

Social Enterpriseassignment Overviewthe Focus


The focus of this Case is on e-business. Here are some background materials on e-business that you should review.

Case Assignment

In your teams, use the Internet to plan a trip to a location outside the United States. Have each individual, working independently, use the services of a different online travel site such as,,,,, etc. (search “online travel sites” for additional options). Pull together to share the findings of the group.

  1. Find the lowest airfare.
  2. Examine a few hotels by class.
  3. Get suggestions about what to see.
  4. Find out about local currency, and convert $1,500 to that currency with an online currency converter.
  5. Compile travel tips.

The above analysis was done with traditional Web resources. Now after reading the Blockchain material in the Module Reading propose how this approach to travel planning could be changed or re-invented with Blockchain.

Prepare a report comparing how each site performed in terms of its ease of use, helpfulness, and best overall deal. Also provide a comparison with the Blockchain approach the group proposed. Each member of the team posts the results of the analysis and a discussion of the team processes. (If a team member cannot for location reasons work in a team, then that person can do the project on his/her own.)

Assignment Expectations

Produce a 3- to 4-page paper analyzing and comparing online travel sites. Use of Excel and tables is highly recommended along with a description of your analysis. The final report should include the report findings combined in one Word doc. Your paper must be double-spaced and include a cover page.

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