Stoeckel Culturally Congruent Client

Stoeckel Culturally Congruent Client

Purpose: Apply the Culturally Congruent Client Education Model to provide culturally congruent education to a client.

Directions: Identify a specific culturally diverse client for whom you want to provide culturally congruent care (example: 68 y/o Hispanic female) and then answer the questions listed below accordingly. Number your responses. These questions correspond with the steps of the Stoeckel Culturally Congruent Client Education Model which are important for developing a plan that meets the needs of the client. 

1. Are you culturally competent?

2. How will you expand your knowledge of the client’s specific culture?

3. What culturally specific client assessment tools will you use for your client?

4. What cross-cultural communication techniques will you use for your client?

5. Are there diverse team members or interpreters whose skill you can tap?

6. What linguistically and culturally appropriate teaching strategies and instructional materials will you use?

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