Succinct Way Possible

Succinct Way Possible

  1. What objective evidence was there to support the defendants’ contention that they were just kidding when they agreed to sell the farm?
  2. Suppose the defendants really did think the whole thing was a kind of joke. Would that make any difference?
  3. As a matter of public policy, why does the law use an objective standard to determine the seriousness of intention, instead of a subjective standard?
  4. It’s 85 degrees in July and 5:00 p.m., quitting time. The battery in Mary’s car is out of juice, again. Mary says, “Arrgh! I will sell this stupid car for $50!” Jason, walking to his car nearby, whips out his checkbook and says, “It’s a deal. Leave your car here. I’ll give you a ride home and pick up your car after you give me the title.” Do the parties have a contract?

Your response to this assignment should be written in paragraph form.  There is no need to retype the questions listed.  You will be evaluated on your thorough responses to the questions, your correct use of grammar and punctuation, and appropriate use of citations where necessary.  

This assignment is simple and I need it to be responded to in the simplest, most succinct way possible! I just have not had the time. Thank you.

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