Term Physical Security Mean

Term Physical Security Mean

Link for Chapter 6 Content: https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/chapter/chapter-6-information-systems-security-information-systems-introduction/

Chapter 6 questions, please answer these in a sentence or two in a separate lines for each answers:

  1. Briefly define each of the three members of the information security triad.
  2. What does the term authentication mean?
  3. What is multi-factor authentication?
  4. What is role-based access control?
  5. What is the purpose of encryption?
  6. What are two good examples of a complex password?
  7. What is pretexting?
  8. What are the components of a good backup plan?
  9. What is a firewall?
  10. What does the term physical security mean?

Please answer the following question in separate paragraphs for each question  ( 100-120  words each)

  1. Find the information security policy at your place of employment(hypothetical) or study. Is it a good policy? Does it meet the standards outlined in the chapter?
  2. How diligent are you in keeping your own information secure? Review the steps listed in the chapter and comment on your security status.
    Please refer to link provided to see chapter – 6 if needed

Use the references Style: APA-7
Total page: 2

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