Textile Sampling From Three Of Following Four Groups: Adire (Yoruba), Ukara (Igbo), Kuba Raffia Cloth, Malagasy

PAPER 2: 15 pts. / plus short Pres.: 5 pts. (as noted on syllabus) = 20 pt. in Paper 2 grade column. Text submission here (usual doc upload), and brief class POWERPOINT or PREZI* presentation posted to the Discussion Section labeled for this purpose, both due Nov 29


Paper Basics/goals: – better, targeted basic research according to your own focus – limited “superlatives”/more nuanced analyses of style distinction in art description (incl. vocab) – “Professional” tone without personal anecdotes or meandering thoughts Approximate Rubric (15 pts./3 pts each) *At least four full pp. of main text / six full pages of main text max, followed by source list (1-line header only). No illustrations; credits/citations “in text” (short form) only. *conveyed grasp of foundational info absorbed from class materials *Got to topic focus and stuck with it; shows comprehension, apropos research (see Research Component, below). * appropriate examples adequately identified and described (vocab; art terms). *Basic writing (all elements [redundancy; few quotes or near quotes if any; organization, sentences, clarify]) Presentation/goal:

Exercise in visual thinking (some ideas: modern update on form/function on votive, masquerade, or textile type / sketch/photo/diagram concept for art project, idea for business proposal / advertising, etc. – endless possibilities – ) Approx rubric (5 pts.): 1 Instructions: 5 – 10 slide format (no more than 12 frames) 2 Focus on impactful aspect/s of your research/paper focus 2 In relation to above, includes in the presentation a “creative” visual idea of your own (as above)

Paper and Powerpoint Topic

Textile sampling from three of following four groups: Adire (Yoruba), Ukara (Igbo), Kuba raffia cloth, Malagasy (or sub-group Merino) burial cloth from Madagascar.

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