The title of books and journals are italicized.

Last Name 1 Student’s last name and

page number

Use one inch

margins on all sides.

Footnotes at bottom of page

The title of books and journals are italicized.

Note the name order and punctuation

To create footnotes in MS Word, click on References, then Insert Footnote.


paper here. Your text should be Times New Roman, or a comparable font, size twelve, and it

should be double spaced, with one inch margins throughout your paper. You do not need an

extra space after your paragraph. M6 Word automatically includes an extra space, so go to the

Paragraph section on the Home tab and be sure to click “remove extra space after paragraph.”1

That small number one at the end of the previous sentence is a footnote. Footnotes are

how you indicate cited information. To insert a footnote in Microsoft Word, go to the

“Reference” tab, and click on “insert footnote.”2 This will automatically insert the footnote.

Always insert the footnote immediately after your final punctuation mark, not before it. Do not

insert the footnotes manually, as it will cause organizational and formatting problems in your

paper. Microsoft—or whichever software program you choose to use—will keep track of the

footnotes for you and make sure they are numbered properly. Use 10-pt. font size for notes.

All information that is not common knowledge—even if it is only paraphrased—must be

cited in your paper. If you do not cite your sources properly, it is considered plagiarism. The first

time you cite a source, you must include the full citation with all its publication information.

However, the next time you cite the source, you only need to include the author’s last name and

the page number of the source. To see example footnotes, please look at the bottom of this page.3

When you cite a source twice in a row, you use the abbreviation “Ibid.” the second time. If the

information you’re citing is located on a different page in the same source, be sure to include the

page number. “Ibid” is a Latin abbreviation that means “the same as before.”4

1 First Last, Title (City: Company, Year), page number. 2 First Last, “Article Title,” Source Title volume number, issue number (year): page number. 3 Ibid., page number. 4 Ibid.



How to cite a website with no author.

Last Name 2

Place your last name and the page number in the top right hand corner as a header.

Make sure the font in the header is the same as the font in your paper (i.e., if you change the

font of your paper to Times New Roman, you must change the font in your header to Times

New Roman as well). To insert the page number, go to the “insert” tab and click “page number.”

Chose to insert the page number at the top right of the page. If you used a title page (which is

optional), you’ll notice that your cover page is page one, and the first page of your paper is page

two, but you will need to change this to meet the requirements of Chicago/Turabian style. You

want the first page of your text to be page one instead. To change this, click on the header, and

under “header and footer tools,” click on “different first page.”5 This makes the page number

disappear on the first page. However, the first page of your text will still be numbered as page

two. You need to go to the “insert tab,” click “page number” and then click on “format page

numbers.”6 You then need to tell the program to start at page zero, then the first page of your text

will appear as page one. Again, you don’t have to do this if you skip the title page.

Furthermore, you will need to include images with your paper (at least 2). All images

must be properly cited and labeled. In the body of your paper, you can either cite the image

directly in your sentence as Figure 1 or reference it parenthetically (fig. 1). Note that the

parenthetical reference is abbreviated and lower case. You do not need to cite the images in

your bibliography (which is not required), but you do need to cite them in a caption directly

underneath each image. Include all the relevant information. If you do not have all the

information, you may leave the missing details out. Images should normally go at the end of the

paper, and you should not include them within the body of your paper.


5 “Title of Webpage in Quotes,” Title of Website not in Italics, most recent date of modification of publication, 6 Ibid.



Last Name 3

You shouldn’t have more than two images per page, and they should be large enough

to be clearly seen.



Last Name 4

Fig. 1. Artist First Name and Last Name, Title in Italics, Year, Media, Size, Museum

Location (source where you found the image in parentheses, eg., Davies, et al.).

Fig. 2. Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and

Dissertations, 2013, book cover (Amazon,

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