The United States closes its borders due to the Coronavirus outbreak

The United States closes its borders due to the Coronavirus outbreak


Washington, DC (March 7th, 2020) – President Trump made an announcement from the White House in the afternoon of Saturday, March 7th in which he decreed the activation of an emergency plan to fight and prevent the fast growth of the coronavirus outbreak.


*facts on the coronavirus, IN THE US, when and where it started, how the pace of the outbreak, how many people are infected/deceased* It must be summarized and straight forward. Must give enough information, but not that much because it is not THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE ARTICLE


During the press conference, President Trump announced that as a part of the plan, the United States will effective immediately close its borders temporarily until further notice – “The United States is taking this very seriously and by taking this extreme preventative measure we believe it will protect our citizens and keep the virus under control until the numbers start to decline”


Citizens of the United States who are currently outside of the country are no longer able to return to their homes.(ADD A PLAN OF WHAT THE US PLANS TO DO ABOUT THEM, EX: US EMBASSIES PROVIDING HELP)


The lack of information regarding the time frame of the plan has caused outrage, and people were quick at expressing their concerns. *PICTURE OF A FAKE TWEET ABOUT TRUMP’S MEASURE*


On the other hand, the World Health Organization released a statement on the morning of March 8th, claiming that “QUOTE ABOUT THIS MEASURE CUTTING RISKS”.


Other countries’ leadership has yet to comment on the decision, however, Trump left it clear that he believes that many other countries will follow his lead in closing their borders as well until the outbreak stabilizes. Tourists and visitors to the states now, however, are unable to exit the country; and with no plan as to what to do with them or options for the many tourists are outraged.



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