Theory Of Architecture Paper. 10 Pages Essay, Double Spaced

Write a 10-page final essay on architectural theory encompassing all themes from the semester. The essay is to be an original work written specifically for this assignment but may incorporate edited and refined aspects of your previous essays from this course. Rather than a simple summary of each theme, the essay should synthesize all themes, readings and ideas from the semester into one or more concise, well-considered and carefully-crafted arguments (not just opinions) about architecture. Upload final essay as a .pdf file to Canvas in response to the assignment (for Turnitin originality verification and grading).

I added the syllabus because for each topic there is some readings I can use for the paper. Also, some of my own papers as an example.

This assignment is the one under Week 14. The professor wants 10 pages of analysis of the previous topics


Education and practice



Truth and Ethics

History and the past

Future and Utopia

Ornament and precision

Rationality and scientific thinking

the everyday

Globalization and technology.

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