There are two documents attached one is the paper you have to analyze and get all the information from and the other is the template how the professor wants it. You have to write 2000 words (4 pages) of summarizing every paragraph from the article.

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What does the author state that s/he wants to do in the paper? State the intent of the author.

The intent of the author is to demonstrate how the various structures such as the Bird’s Cage House, Florida Tropical Houses, The First Heller House, The Hartman Residence, and Unnamed Houses architecture are tropicalized through the blurring of boundaries between the aspects of landscape and architecture.


What are buildings under study? Be sure to list date, place, and year of construction, architect, client, and importance of the building

The Bird’s Cage House.

The Bird’s Cage was probably constructed between, 1947 and 1949, and as stated, the main architecture for this project was Polevitzky. As demonstrated in the reading the architect was constructing two residences of the Bird’s Cage for Michael Heller. The Bird’s Cage that were designed and constructed by Polevitzky, and they are located in the Biscayne Isle of Miami. The transformation of these structures was enabled by two important factors. One of the aspects that brought about the transformation includes its measurements, which stands at 19 by 30 feet. The other important factor for this architectural structure includes the vanishing boundaries between the porch and the living room indoor.

Florida Tropical Home

Robert Law Weed is responsible for designing the Florida Tropical Homes. The structure was first constructed in 1933, during the Homes of Tomorrow Exhibition in Chicago. One important aspects of the Florida Tropical Homes are the spatio temporal expanded thresholds which tends to achieve a transition between the inside and the outside.

Hartman Residence

The Hartman Residence, or otherwise known as the Indoor-Outdoor house was first developed in 1944 by Polevitzky. One significant factor about this architectural design is the fact that it was designed to achieve a gradual progression from architecture, to landscape architecture, while at the same time, maintaining the two categories. They are located in Florida.

The First Heller House

The First Heller House was designed by Polevitzky and it is located in Biscayne Isle in Miami, Florida. The building was probably constructed in 1948. One important aspect about the house is its architectural inclusion of aluminum screened porch for the outdoor living, an element that gives it its signature appearance.

Unnamed House

The Unnamed House is attributed to Igor Polevitzky. This are some of his first designs and they were probably constructed or designed in 1938. They are located in Miami Florida, and some of its important features include the traditional porch for the houses, an element that is clearly recognizable from the landscape architecture.

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