This activity will help you become more familiar with the outline organization process


Directions: This activity will help you become more familiar with the outline organization process. Below is an outline for a speech. This outline is scrambled. It is your job to identify elements of the outline and put them in the appropriate order. Ready… Set… Go!

1) Cut up the following activity page along the dotted lines. You should end up with 16 slips of paper.

2) Unscramble the outline and place the corresponding slips of paper in the following order:

3) Take a photo of your masterpiece, and attach the file to the assignment in Blackboard.

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade my listeners that U.S. society is being harmed by the growing connection between screen violence and real-life violence.



Attention Getter –

Background –

Audience Relevance –

Speaker Credibility –

Preview of Main Points –


Main Point I.

Sub-points A and B


Main Point II.

Sub-points A and B

Transition: This screen violence is bleeding into real-life violence.

Main Point III.

Sub-points A and B

Transition to Conclusion: So, in conclusion, please consider:


Restate Thesis

Review Main Points




———————————————-CUT ALONG THE DOTTED LINES ————————————————-


The connection between screen violence to real-life violence exists for these reasons:


Now, it has become clear that many television shows and video games are harmful to young children and the mentally ill.


Today, we have seen examples of the three reasons why screen violence is connected to real-life violence.


I have five younger siblings in school and I see the effects that violent television programming has on my brothers and sisters.


Screen violence is reaching directly to today’s consumers through video game consoles.


I agree that children and the mentally ill are vulnerable, and therefore, should be protected by film classifications and interventions, to limit or eliminate their exposure to violent material on television and in video games. This will work to protect society at-large.


People spend countless hours viewing violent activity on television.


Viewing violence poses a harmful risk to children and the mentally ill. Critics of the research challenge this conclusion, and dispute claims that exposure to violence leads to real-life aggression.


1) people spend a countless amount of time is spent viewing violent activity on television, 2) screen violence is reaching directly to today’s consumers through video game consoles, 3) real-life violence which is influenced by TV/media programming is hurting the population of our society.


A. Nobody explains how violence is “faked” and what might happen if people tried the same stunts in real life.

1. Children and the mentally ill may not stop to consider how the “conflict” could have been resolved without violence.

B. An intervention would be to establish screen time limits that include TV, computer, and video game screens and stick to them.

1. Set a timer to signal when to turn off the set.

2. Delay TV viewing until homework and chores are done.


1. countless amounts of violent activity is viewed through television.

2. Screen violence is reaching directly to today’s youth through video game consoles.

3. Real-life violence, influenced by TV/media programming, is hurting the population and our society.


Real-life violence, influenced by TV/media programming, is hurting our society.


The relationship between violence on the screen and violence in real life is extremely complicated. But while the relationship may not be that of direct cause and effect, we must bear it in mind. ”Violent programs may depress some people, shock others, de-sensitize some, and encourage imitation by a few.” (BBC Handbook-Guidelines for TV Producers Regarding Violence and Censorship).


A. 22 – 34% of young male felons imprisoned for committing violent crimes (homicide, rape, or assault) report having consciously imitated crime techniques watched on TV (Journal of American Medical Association- Studies in Violence and Television).

B. All Canadian and US studies of the effect of prolonged childhood exposure to television show a positive relationship between earlier exposure to TV violence and later physical aggressiveness (Public communication and behavior—Academic Press).


The media is all around us, and, for this reason, I feel it is inevitable that it will have some sort of effect on us. Television is the most popular and accessible form of media; nearly everybody has at least one television set in their home. Television is also said to be the most vivid portrayal of the world. Screen violence is a term given to violence seen in television programs, videos and films— basically, any violence viewed on a screen.



A. I feel that violence in computer games is becoming a lot more of a problem, today.

1. Due to improvements in technology, computer games are now more like films, with very realistic-looking characters and settings.

2. An example of such a game is Grand Theft Auto 3 for PS2, a controversial game in which you “become” the man who is able to run people over, shoot people, and become involved in police chases.

B. Parents and caregivers are the most important role models. In our society, television is the second most important source of information.

1. Watch televisions shows together.

2. Review the video games family members are playing.

3. Let them know your feelings about violence on TV and seek their help in making a change in your family’s TV and video game use.

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