This Week’s Discussion Of “The Yellow Wallpaper First, What Do You Think Is Happening At The End Of The Story? Some Have Said That The Narrator Is Trying To Commit Suicide, What Do You Think? One Paragraph Of 5-7 Sentence

This week’s discussion of “The Yellow Wallpaper” is in two parts. First, what do you think is happening at the end of the story? Some have said that the narrator is trying to commit suicide, though there is not much critical evidence that supports that idea. What do you think?

Second, after you have read both the story and Gilman’s comments on why she wrote the story, how effective do you think Gilman is with using this story to show the ineffectiveness of the treatment used for many women suffering from depression?

Your post should be at least one paragraph of 5-7 sentences.

Read  attached Story “The Yellow Wallpaper”.

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