Three “ Applied Research

Three “ Applied Research

Using headings to organize your post, respond to the following:

  • From your early understanding of applied research, would you agree or disagree that it is difficult to be a highly effective teacher or principal without having a working knowledge of the research world and how it works? (Support your answer with the readings from this Unit, as well as knowledge from your own experiences.)
  • Jumping right into your research proposal, what topic would you like to explore and why is this of interest to you or important for you to research?
  • List your two to three “applied research” questions that will guide your research proposal.  (Remember that applied research questions must be bias-free, cannot make assumptions on the outcome, focuses on solving a current educational problem involving students, and includes the intervention [strategy] that you plan to implement and study.)
  • Respond to your peers as usual, but in addition, provide constructive feedback on the structure of the applied research questions to ensure alignment with the prescribed requirements stated above.
  • Your Discussion should be a minimum of 250 words in length and not more than 500 words. Please include a word count. Following the APA standard, use references and in-text citations for the textbook and any other sources.


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Supplemental Readings

     1.  Guerrero, Y.Y.G. (2012). Exploring the effect of exposure to LD through activities inside the classroom. The University of Pamplona, School of Education. [PowerPoint slides]. SlideShare.

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