Typical Development Rather

Typical Development Rather

You are talking with a parent of a 15 month-old child. Their child is not yet talking, but uses reaching and crying to communicate her wants and needs. She mentioned this to her child’s pediatrician who encouraged her to seek an early intervention evaluation. Using information from Module 1 and Module 2, what conclusion(s) can you draw about this child? Is there a delay? If so, what areas (play, gestures, vocabulary, theory of mind) are affected? 

Please share your ideas and respond to one peer. The purpose of this discussion is to begin to think about typical development rather than to determine the presence or absence of ASD.

400 words max. 

I will add some links for you to reference 

(207) theory of mind.mov – YouTube

(207) 5 Autism Signs in Babies (2 Years or Younger) – YouTube

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