Underline the noun phrases, italicize the adjective phrases, and bold the prepositional phrases in the following sentences

ENGL 633

Language Analysis 2: Syntax Instructions

Purpose: this assignment is an opportunity to practice with phrase structure rules so that you can demonstrate or gain greater facility with syntax. Additionally, this assignment will give you an opportunity to demonstrate how you would use this information in a practical setting.


Objectives: This assignment will include 2 major sections:


1) Completing exercises (No Limit on No of Words)

2) Writing a 650–800-word paper



1. Test your understanding. Underline the noun phrases, italicize the adjective phrases, and bold the prepositional phrases in the following sentences:


A. The pretty young lady in the bright blue dress is going to fall off the stage.

B. The local fire department arrived at the scene of the blaze and save the frightened young family.

C. The wise old fire chief determined the cause of the fire.

D. Someone had lit a small cinnamon candle in the living room and forgot to put it out.

E. The lit candle eventually melted down and started burning the small wooden mahogany coffee table in front of the sofa.

F. Fortunately, the young family’s golden retriever started barking and woke everyone sleeping on the second floor.


2. Diagram the 6 sentences in Exercise 1 (Not Reed-Kellogg). Tree diagramming is not an exact science so I do not expect these to be identical with mine. Some people prefer different notation. For example,



NP VP Sub Pred


Diagram the sentences. You may do so in a Microsoft Word document or on paper. If you print out and complete the assignment on paper, please scan or take a picture of your completed work and import it into your assignment document. You can also use a phone scanner like CamScanner to scan into your phone.


Paper: The heart of syntax is understanding the phrase structure rules. Identifying these rules and being able to place them in a tree diagram demonstrates an understanding that educators should possess. Develop a small paper for 1 of the following:


A. How are phrase structure rules useful in teaching students about the grammar of language?

B. How do these rules help professional writers become better professional writers?

C. Why should(n’t) these phrase structure rules be taught to students? Explain your answer.


Your 650–800-word paper must include proper formatting and be current MLA. Include a title page and work cited page; an abstract is not necessary. Please include both parts of this assignment as a single uploaded document (doc, docx, pdf, odt). In-text citations are expected. The minimum number of outside sources is four (4). Ensure that cited articles come from peer-reviewed journals (quotes from the textbooks are in addition to the four outside sources). Dictionaries are not considered peer-reviewed, academic sources (cite them if you wish to, but they do not contribute to the minimum). Use the Jerry Falwell Library and other online journals to search for articles. Refer to the rubric for grading specifics.


The format of the assignment should look like this:


Page 1 – the excercises


Page 2 – the excercises or sentence diagramming (if needed – and any additional pages)


The pages after the excercises/sentence diagramming should be:


· the title page (by itself and properly formatted)

· the body (by itself and properly formatted – with page numbers)

· works cited page(s)


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