Use One Scholarly Website

Use One Scholarly Website

ess…- You will write a 3-4-page APA style , double-spaced. You will need at least three-four academic references to integrate into your es…. to support your analysis.

You are allowed to use one scholarly website (.gov, .edu, .org,), the rest will consist of peer reviewed journals, and books to increase clarity of your es… and provide supporting material into your insights and observation use of parenthetical citations are required (author, yr).Es…consists of title page, abstract, content 3-4pages, and a reference page. APA style consists of subheadings so break your es… into subtopics that you are exploring.

Compare and Contrast important characters and developmental concepts learned from your reading and class discussions-look at the family/relationship dynamics between characters. Your es… should consist of observation and insights of the different developmental stages, prenatal stages, explore any attachment issues you observe, different types of parenting styles, motor/intellectual developments and the application of the theoretical perspectives explored Freud, Erick Erickson, Piaget, Vygtosky, Kholberg, Behaviorism, any developmental/psychological theorists and any other psychological and developmental constructs you explore/analyze throughout the movie.  Integrate into your es… concepts/ideas and your evaluation of your analysis.

Focus on any treatment modalities, any adult or child psychopathologies that you may have observed. (do not give me a summary of the movie) but use examples and scenes from the movie as support include in your es…. your psychological/developmental evaluation and observations from the movie.


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