use the link provided to watch the following video about the Terra Cotta Army:

Journal 7 Instructions


Please use the link provided to watch the following video about the Terra Cotta Army:

Citation: [National Geographic]. (2008, Dec 29).

The Terra-Cotta Warriors | National Geographic.

[Video File] Retrieved from

Assignment: Watch the video and then write a full page reaction to what you saw. Consider the following questions:

What was your first reaction after you saw the video? What objects captured your attention the most? Were you already aware of this excavation? (If you’ve seen the movie The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor, 3rd Mummy movie, the sets and objects were duplicated as closely as possible.)

Thousands of artists and craftsmen created this amazing array of military men, horses and gear over many years and then it was all buried in the ground around the Emperor’s tomb to protect him in the afterlife. Are there any contemporary artworks that you can think of that compare to this colossal undertaking in terracotta (a low-fired clay) from almost 20 centuries in the past?

Note: Remember to include at least ten or more terms in your minimum one-page critique in order to display what you’ve learned so far. 10 terms (used correctly) = 10pts. Please review the rubric for this assignment before you begin working.

**Please use 10 of the following terms in the paper:

Chapter 16



Linear Perspective



Genre Paintings




Still Life


Chapter 18



Garba Griha

Taotie Mask



Literati Painting



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