Usually One Primary Personality

Usually One Primary Personality

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Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, occurs after an individuals has experienced a psychologically traumatic event in their lives (Comer & Comer, 2021). A person with PTSD is likely to have flashbacks of the trauma, trauma-linked dreams, depression, and other symptoms that last for longer than one month (Comer & Comer, 2021). With PTSD, signs and symptoms can appear at any time after trauma, whether that be immediately following the event or years later. Treatments for PTSD varies depending on the trauma that happened. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, antidepressant drugs, family therapy, and/or group therapy are the most common treatments for those with PTSD.

Dissociative identity disorder is also known as multiple personality disorder, is when a person develops two or more alternate personalities (Comer & Comer, 2021). There is usually one primary personality that appears the most often, but a person’s personalities can switch at any time (Comer & Comer, 2021). Treatment for dissociative identity disorder is very complex and takes time. Therapists try to get the individual to recognize the disorder to the full extent, recover lost memories/gaps, and integrate the alternate personalities into one single identity (Comer & Comer, 2021). This disorder uses some of the same therapies that is incorporated with PTSD. These therapies can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, supportive therapy, and drugs therapy (Comer & Comer, 2021).

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