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Jenny Holzer’s installations such as Truisms are primarily concerned with what theme?

image1.wmf   Body parts and sexuality
image2.wmf   The transient quality of nature and art
image3.wmf   The power of words and texts
image4.wmf   The presence of objects and spaces “hidden” in plain view


Which artist explored African American subject matter through the aesthetic of urban graffiti?

image5.wmf   Keith Haring
image6.wmf   Andres Serrano
image7.wmf   Carrie Mae Weems
image8.wmf   Jean‐Michel Basquiat


An installation pieces by “Dread” Scott Tyler’s was part of a controversy that ended up in court. Use the accompanying links to enhance your knowledge of the incident. Write a reaction essay answering the questions below.

· Discussion of “What is the Proper Way to Display a US Flag”:  http://webenact.rhizome.org/thefileroom/20160205200018/http://www.thefileroom.org/documents/dyn/DisplayCase.cfm/id/199

· Summary from the artist’s website:  http://www.dreadscott.net/works/what-is-the-proper-way-to-display-a-us-flag/

THE FIRST AMMENDEMENT: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Should the artwork have been removed from the exhibition? What is your reaction to the viewer comments of the piece? Would you have stood on the flag to write a comment – what would that comment have been? Do you believe that Tyler was acting under his first Amendment rights? Is critique of our government and its symbols, or anti‐patriotism a crime? What do you think of Judge Kenneth L. Gillis’ ruling that artist’s display of the flag convey ideas (popular or not) is protected under the First Amendment?

Your essay should be no less than two well developed paragraphs and should be in your own words.


Which self‐promoted artist appropriated well‐known objects and images as a way to challenge the distinction between fine art and consumerist goods?

image9.wmf   David Salle
image10.wmf   Jeff Koons
image11.wmf   Julian Schnabel
image12.wmf   Keith Haring


A new art form known as “installation”:

image13.wmf   Gives credit to the work done by installers, people who hang other people’s art.
image14.wmf   Forces the viewer to create the art in his or her mind based on verbal description.
image15.wmf   Has again flattened the art object to two dimensions.
image16.wmf   Creates an environment for the viewer to enter and experience.


In the 1980s, some proclaimed the ‘death’ of modernism. The _____________________ movement emerged in its wake.


Which artist incorporated Pollock’s drip and splatter painting, but used broken plates as his drips?

image17.wmf   David Salle
image18.wmf   Jeff Koons
image19.wmf   Julian Schnabel
image20.wmf   Keith Haring


_____________________was a female dealer and gallery owner who used extensive marketing techniques to rapidly catapult the artists she represented to celebrity status.

image21.wmf   Mary Boone
image22.wmf   Julian Schnabel
image23.wmf   Ann Magnuson
image24.wmf   Jenny Holzer


One criticism Postmodernists express about Modernism is:

image25.wmf   Modernists are too open to new ways of thinking about the world.
image26.wmf   Modernists use varying art forms rather than focusing on the several most popular ones.
image27.wmf   Modernists tolerated ambiguity and incoherence.
image28.wmf   Modernists strive toward a specific universal understanding of art.





























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