Waldorf Online Library

Waldorf Online Library

Organization XYZ has hired you as an industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist to implement new teams in the organization, which will consist of the current employees. 

Construct a two-page essay that discusses the important factors of training needs, training content, and evaluation and feedback. Address the information below in your essay. Identify the training needs of the organization. How will you determine exactly what needs to go into the training program? 

Describe the different aspects of training methods used for the training program. Where will it take place? What content will you focus on? 

Identify the methods of feedback that you will use in the evaluation process of the training program. How will you measure the effectiveness of the training program? 

Explain why you designed the training program in this manner and how it will benefit the organization in the future. 

This essay should be created with the intention that you will present this to the organization executives before implementing it with the workers. You should base your essay on research from at least two sources from the Waldorf Online Library. You may also use your textbook, but you must still have two sources from the Waldorf Online Library. Please include in-text citations within your essay and a references page at the end, both of which should be formatted according to APA Style.

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