Week 7, Module 8: Representing Race: Black/African American U.S. Male Artists

AH 270: Art/Identity/Politics

Week 7, Module 8: Representing Race: Black/African American U.S. Male Artists



Henry Ossawa Tanner, The Thankful Poor (1894), Banjo Lesson (1893)


Jacob Lawrence, Harriet Tubman series (1960), Negro Migration series (1941)

–The Harlem Renaissance, (“New Negro Movement,” Alain Locke)


Romare Bearden, Conjur Woman (1964), The Dove (1964), The Prevalence of Ritual:

Baptism (1964)

–Léopold Senghor, “Negritude”

–Spiral Group

–collage, photomontage


John Biggers, Shotguns: 7th Ward, Houston (1987)


David Hammons, Injustice Case (1970), Spade with Chains (1973), African American

Flag (1990), Higher Goals (1986), Bling Bling Basket (1994), American Street, House of the Future (1991)

–Malcolm X

–Bobby Seale (“Chicago 8”), Black Panther Party

–indexical sign (existential relationship to its referent)


Glen Ligon, Two White/Two Black (1992), White #1 (1995), Profile Series (1990-91)

–Franzt Fanon, James Baldwin

–“legibility of race”

–Conceptual art


Robert Colescott, George Washington Carver Crossing the Delaware—Page from

American History (1975), Eat Dem Taters (1975)

–Emanuel Leutze, Vincent Van Gogh


Yinka Shonibare, Nuclear Family (1999), Diary of a Victorian Dandy: 19:00hrs (1998)

–Dutch wax-print textiles

Kehinde Wiley, Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps (2005), Femme Piquee par un

Serpent (2013)




1870 Black’s enfranchised

1910s-1930s Harlem Renaissance, New Negro Culture

1947 Jackie Robinson

1948 De-segregation of armed services

1954 Brown v. Board of Education

1955 Martin Luther King, Jr. leads 54-week bus boycott (Rosa Parks) in Alabama

1957 Federal Troops sent to Little Rock to enforce school desegregation

1960 Civil Rights Act—beginning of numerous Black protests around the nation

1963 March on Washington—Nelson Mandela imprisoned, South Africa

1965 Watts riots—Malcolm X assassinated

1966 Black Panthers formed, Freedom march in Mississippi, NOW founded

1967 Thurgood Marshall appointed

1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated

1969 Shirley Chisholm, 1st Black female Representative, WAR founded

2008 Barack Obama elected President

2014 Blacklivesmatter

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