Working Title: Vapor Equilibrium of Water and N-Propanol, and N-Butane

CHE 440/450 Pre-lab Report

Student Name/ID: David Luong 014757234

Teammates: Ashraf Al Shekaili 015062305, Jassim Al ajmi 013804204

Experiment/Lab: Vapor Liquid Equilibrium

Date: 10/28/19

Working Title: Vapor Equilibrium of Water and N-Propanol, and N-Butane


1) Predict VLE of non-ideal mixture of water and 2-propanol at atmospheric pressure

2) Find the relationship between batch distillation and VLE


Experimental Procedure

1. Plug in the apparatus and turn it on

2. Allow the system to run for around 20 minutes

3. Measure the refractive index of the distillate and liquid until there is little change

4. Pour some other liquids such as propanol into the system and repeat steps 2 and 3

Expected Results

VLE of water and 2-propanol curve to match with ProII results.

Data Analysis (Plots/Equations/Theory/Simulations)

Safety Considerations/Potential Hazards

Chemical : Propanol and Butanol

Electrical: Keep flashing liquid from electrical cords

Mechanical: None


List of Chemicals

Name / Quantity / Handling

1) Propanol, 50 mL, lab safety coat and goggles

2) Butanol, 50 mL, safety coat and goggles


List of Analytical Instruments


1) Digital Refractometer

2) VLE Apparatus


List of Software


1) ProII



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