Would Because

Would Because

1. Copy and paste the below storyline into a word document and fill in the blanks with your assets and decisions.  

2. Once, you have completed the storyline, write a paragraph of at least 10 sentences on what you learned about your core values (i.e., what matters most to you) from the exercise.

3. Submit the completed storyline and your 10+ sentence paragraph. 


The entrepreneur [your name] in this story started a boutique clothing store with these five assets: _________________, ______________________, _______________________________, _____________________, and ____________________________. 

You selected these five assets to start the business because _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

You believed that the boutique clothing store had a potential for growth because _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

In Year 1, you are losing money. You realize that you could grow profit by 10% if you eliminated one of the five assets.  So you eliminated _____________________________ because __________________________________________________________________________.

In Year 2, there was a economic recession in the community and you realized that you had to eliminate another asset because you did not have the same volume of customers.  So you eliminated _____________________________ because _________________________________________________________________________.

In Year 3, the economy rebounded and business picked back up.  You looked at the assets and realized that you would discard ________________________ because it was not worth the cost to ________________________________________________________________.

Now you are in Year 4. You are struggling but surviving.  You have learned a lot about what you want your business to look like and what type of customer relationship is important to you. 

You look at the two assets remaining from your startup. You realize that you have enough cash to replace one of the assets with an upgrade. You select _________________________ to discard because _________________________________________________________________________.

As you look back at your decisions, you learned that you value ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ more (or less) than __________________________________________________________________________.

You also learned that ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

In the future, if you had to start another business, you would ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ because_______________________________________________________________________________________________________.

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