Write 2 paragraph about you will defend the Grand Leaguers and squatters.

1-Central Pacific/Southern Pacific’s state charter said that the line from San Francisco to the Colorado River needed to run A-along the coast to San Diego. B-through Oregon and on to the source of the Colorado River. C-through the San Joaquin Valley. D-through the Sierra Nevada 2-In the many federal court cases involving Mussel Slough property, the courts A-refused to issue definitive rulings. B-ruled in favor of the squatters. C-ruled in favor of the railroad. D-gave conflicting rulings that favored neither the railroad nor the squatters. 3-The railroad’s initial assessment of Mussel Slough squatters’ property values were A-the same as what settlers would pay for government land. B-comparable with values of similar property in the area. C-grossly deflated. D-grossly inflated. 4-Prior to the Mussel Slough gun fight, the San Francisco Chronicle A-refused to cover the land rights conflict. B-was owned by the Big Four of the Southern Pacific. C-provided strong support to the squatters. D-provided strong support to the railroads. 5-The settlers and land speculators who occupied and claimed the controversial land in Mussel Slough did so largely because A-they were able to purchase deeds to the property that gave them clear legal ownership. B-it was not clear if the Southern Pacific Railroad would actually gain legal title to those lands. C-they were encouraged to do so by laws passed by the United States Congress D-it seemed obvious that neither the government nor private parties owned the land. 6-Mussel Slough is located in the A-San Joaquin Valley. B-Sacramento Valley. C-Salinas Valley. D-Scott Valley.



7-When it came to the Mussel Slough problem, the railroad leaders A-were in good agreement about how to proceed. B-made quick and firm decisions. C-had strong disagreements about the best course of action. D-refused to deal with the issue until the summer of 1880. 8-After the 1880 gun battle in Mussel Slough A-most squatters were forcibly evicted. B-the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the squatters C-most squatters settled with the railroad. D-federal troops occupied the region. 9-The most important source of the Mussel Slough conflict was the federal government’s granting railroad companies A-the right to offer its property for sale at different prices. B-the right to sue property owners in federal court. C-the ability to lay track in relatively straight lines. D-ownership of alternating sections of land along rail lines

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