Writing Assignment: Newspaper– Putting It All Together

300 points

You will need to layout your newspaper. You may use MS Word or MS Publisher.

Make sure your newspaper includes:

  • A Masthead
  • A Headline
  • A Byline
  • Columns



A good newspaper article simply reports an event. Stick to answering the 5 W’s:

WHO was involved? 

WHAT happened? 

WHERE did it happen? 

WHEN did it happen? 

WHY did it happen? 

Typically a news article begins with a lead sentence which sums up all five questions:

On June 1, four teenagers, travelling at high speeds crashed into the local convenience store at the corner of Highway 112 and 42nd Street.

As you can see, this lead sentence sums up the entire point of the article in a clear and concise way. Your reader really only needs to read further if he or she wants more details. A strong lead is the key to good newspaper writing.

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