You will also be adding in your most recent reading, Heart of Darkness—a key piece of 20th-century literature.

Essay 2 builds on the analytical skills you displayed in Essay 1, asking you to deepen those skills by applying two lenses to the readings. You will also be adding in your most recent reading, Heart of Darkness—a key piece of 20th-century literature. Exploring the intersection of two different themes is an opportunity to narrow your scope even further, giving you a stronger foundation for analysis. You need to take the same scholarly approach as you did in Essay 1: use APA citation style, and include a narrow, arguable thesis statement, separate supporting ideas with topic sentences/transitions, and a dynamic conclusion.

For Essay 2, write a 1000- to 1500-word essay in which you

  1. Select two of the themes of Postcolonial theory that you would like to explore. These will be the lenses through which you look at the literature. You are more than welcome to stick to the same initial theme you chose for Essay 1 and add in a new one, or you could choose two entirely new themes to apply.
  2. Describe the lenses and explain how/why they represent a promising combination. Why are they worthwhile to discuss in relationship to one another? How do they inform one another? How does the combination limit your approach in helpful, constructive, or opportune ways? Be specific.

This should be the bulk of your writing. How do the themes function within the story? What specific moments in each story are valuable for drawing deeper insights about the intersection between the two themes? Your analysis should include specific textual evidence, not simply general statements about the plot elements or characters. Ultimately, the analysis should answer this question: what do these three stories reveal about how these themes combine? What insight(s) can we take from the readings that apply beyond the literature? Apply that lens to The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Tempest, and Heart of Darkness.

Mason, H. (2003). Epic of Gilgamesh. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin

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