Zbvi Kept Us Informed

Zbvi Kept Us Informed

A. Read the following statements and identify the factors that influenced each.

1. As a member of the JehovahWitness denomination, I do not participate in political affairs. 
2.“As a high school dropout I am unable to read or write, so I’m not going to register to vote.”
3.“The candidates running in the OPP party are all jokers. They have never been in politics before.”
4.During the 2019 general election, ZBVI kept us informed at all times.
5.Jah Vinic is the headliner in the VIP’s next political rally in Long Bush.
6.“All politicians are the same. None of them has addressed the issues we are facing.”
7.OPP all the way!
8.$5,000.00 spending should have been given to every political party during the 2019 general election.

B. Explain the following
terms in your own words:

Voter padding,
multiple voting, disenfranchisement of voters 

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